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IDNamePriceChange 1h%Change 24h%Change 7d%Marker CapVolume 24h
4Tether USDt$1.00-0.00%-0.03%-0.06%$113.69B$54.02B

ExRatex - online currency converter with live exchange rates and zero charges.

Welcome to Exratex – the ultimate destination for all your currency conversions and market data needs. With a focus on cryptocurrency, we are proud to offer advanced tools and features to help you navigate the world of digital and traditional currencies. Our four-direction calculator is the pinnacle of our offerings, providing seamless and accurate conversions between currency (fiat) and cryptocurrency.

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Real-Time Stats: In addition to live exchange rates, our calculator also displays real-time stats for each currency, including its current value, historical data, and market trends. This information is essential for making informed decisions and staying on top of the ever-changing world of currency markets.

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But that's not all – at Exratex, we offer so much more than just our four-direction calculator. Our site also features live market data for various currencies and cryptocurrencies, including real-time exchange rates and charts. You can also access historical data and compare market trends to make accurate predictions and informed decisions.

Exratex is committed to providing a user-friendly and reliable platform for all your currency conversion and market data needs. With our advanced tools and features, you can easily navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency and traditional currencies.

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